Transportation Management Systems

At Estes, we invest in technology that makes doing business with us easy so you can focus on what matters most. That’s why we’ve partnered with MyCarrier and Kuebix, two of the most used Transportation Management Systems (TMS) among LTL shippers, to help you streamline your processes and better optimize your shipping operation.


An ideal solution for high-volume shippers who are looking for automation, optimization, and shipping insights, Kuebix offers:

  • A multi-modal platform for LTL, TL and parcel
  • Core features that include unlimited rate quotes, freight booking, shipment tracking, and a convenient shipment calendar
  • Advanced features that include invoice auditing, load consolidation, and optimization
  • Access to truckload capacity from Kuebix’s community of truckload carriers
  • Quick connection to internal and 3rd party systems with out-of-the box or custom ERP integrations
  • Optional premier applications that allow you to configure the platform for your specific business needs


An ideal solution for customers who make infrequent shipments, MyCarrier offers:

  • A platform designed to meet the evolving needs of LTL shippers
  • Core features that include unlimited rate quotes, freight booking, and shipment tracking
  • A shipment calendar that provides real-time shipment details in one convenient location
  • Google Address Lookup to simplify address searches
  • Streamlined booking with the option to auto-fill order details
  • Unlimited users and customer support via phone, chat or email

Estes works with all TMS platforms, but has chosen to partner with Kuebix and MyCarrier because their core features meet the needs of the vast majority of today’s LTL shippers.

Want to learn more? Ask us about which of these TMS platforms might be right for you.